Research on Ziziphus Mauritiana: Bibliometric Studies

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Tg Ainul Farha Tg Abdul Rahman
Khairina Idris
Nurdalila A'wani Abd Aziz
Najla Qaisara Shariman


Ziziphus mauritiana which is from the Rhamnaceae family are reported to possess bioactive compounds, recognized for traditional use and medicinal importance. Ziziphus mauritiana is one of the herbs that contain many benefits for humans. It has been shown from the perspective of ancient medical practice as Phophet Muhammad (SAW) has been using Ziziphus mauritiana in washing his deceased daughter. Trend research on publications of Ziziphus mauritiana were studied. The study focused on content analysis, especially in the field of primary research on Ziziphus mauritiana. Referring to the results of bibliometric analysis on Ziziphus mauritiana, researchers found that the majority of previous research on Ziziphus mauritiana dominated by journal articles is 90.0%. Research on the method of analysis conducted in the previous studies found that most studies on Ziziphus mauritiana is done through scientific analysis (laboratory studies). Studies on aspects of science has been divided into nine areas. Those areas are microbiology, biomedical, biochemistry, metabolimics, environmental science, forensic, pharmacology, botanical science and molecular science. Only one field of study that focuses on the analysis of the Islamic viewpoint is Islamic Science. Thus, the efforts of research on plants and herbs in the Al-Qur'an and Al-Hadith through bibliometrics on Ziziphus mauritiana in the field of Islamic Studies will produce beneficial products for Malaysia as a whole and contribute significantly in the development of science. 

Keywords: Ziziphus mauritiana; traditional medical; ancient practice; scientific analysis; Islamic views. 

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Tg Abdul Rahman, T. A. F., Idris, K., Abd Aziz, N. A., & Shariman, N. Q. (2020). Research on Ziziphus Mauritiana: Bibliometric Studies. Jurnal Sains Insani, 5(1), 148-156. Retrieved from

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