Bibliometrics Analysis of Research Publications Related to Goat’s Milk: Towards Research in Islamic Studies

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Hirzi Irsyad Hipni
Nurdalila A'wani Abd Aziz
Tg Ainul Farha Tg Abdul Rahman


Goat’s milk in its natural form has high food value. It benefit humans by providing nutrients like calcium, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Trend research on publications of goat’s milk were studied. The objectives of this study are to analyze trends related to goat’s milk in existing research publications and to show the most suitable scope of research for future research purposes. This study uses bibliometrics analysis to examine the results of past publications on goat’s milk related research. According to research articles, researchers found that majority of the previous research on goat’s milk dominated article journals by 94%. Most of the topics studied in the research related to goat’s milk basically revolves around the biotechnology field. Research on the method of analysis conducted in the previous studies found that most studies on goat’s milk is scientific analysis. In the science area, the studies are divided into seven areas. The areas are biotechnology, agriculture, nutrition, biochemistry, systems biology, microbiology and biomedical. In Islamic areas, the field of study that focuses on the analysis of Islamic view is Islamic studies. It is found that research publications in goat’s milk is more active in scientific analysis compared to Islamic analysis. Therefore, the efforts of studies or research in both scientific and Islamic analysis needed to be balanced. Analysis of goat’s milk within the Islamic context needs to be more productive to the development of Islamic studies. Advanced new studies of goat’s milk are expected to produce benefit to Muslims and society as a whole.

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Hipni, H. I., Abd Aziz, N. A., & Tg Abdul Rahman, T. A. F. (2020). Bibliometrics Analysis of Research Publications Related to Goat’s Milk:: Towards Research in Islamic Studies. Jurnal Sains Insani, 5(1), 126-134. Retrieved from

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