Reconstruction of Religious Pluralism or Muhibah Value? A Comparative Study in Malaysia Rekonstruksi Faham Pluralisme Agama atau Muhibah? Satu Kajian Perbandingan di Malaysia

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Marina Munira Abdul Mutalib
Mashitah Sulaiman
Roslizawati Ramly
Khatijah Othman
Yuseri Ahmad


A scholar affirms that “the pluralistic arrangement” has proven to be a source of socio-political tension rather than a solution. A number of prominent social scientists in the West have yet to suggest that the idea of religious pluralism, is the best way of dealing with diversity, together with its essential values. However, the situation in Malaysia has shown a different scenario. This paper will look into those elements proposed by the Western scholars to be the overriding values of religious pluralism in maintaining a harmonious living among people of different religions. In doing so, this paper will present the ideas of the Malaysian scholars of what they understood as the essence of “majmuk” or living in a plural society as a response to the Western idea of religious pluralism. This will highlight one of the objectives of this paper which is to present selected writings and opinions of Muslims and Christians social scientists in Malaysia on the discourse of religious pluralism. The study has undergone a series of interview to Muslim and Christian scholars. Based on the findings, it is noted that some scholars proved that religious pluralism discourse in Malaysia is contestable. This is due to its link to the Western modern philosophy and secularism. Finally, it also consults meaningful recommendations given by the scholars in facing the challenges of living together as one family in “Muhibah”.

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Abdul Mutalib, M. M., Sulaiman, M., Ramly, R., Othman, K., & Ahmad, Y. (2019). Reconstruction of Religious Pluralism or Muhibah Value? A Comparative Study in Malaysia. Jurnal Sains Insani, 4(2), 49-56.